Every gym has at least one socialite. You know who I’m talking about. The person who cannot be seen alone and must disrupt everyone else’s workout.
The socialite will do one set then take a fifteen-minute break. They’ll survey the area, looking for anyone resting between sets then slither over like a disease, spreading to whoever they can latch on to. And if they cannot find someone nearby,  they whip out their cell phone: blah, blah, blah, blah. Nobody cares what you’re doing later that evening. We don’t care what you watched on Netflix. Shut up and go away!
The socialite manages to maintain an entire workout while chatting. It would be impressive if it wasn’t for the fact it does this while putting in very little effort. The elderly woman who put her walker down is moving faster than you on the treadmill. Get off, snail and let someone else use it.
What gets under my skin, is when the socialite actually does a set. But not before putting the cell phone and water bottle down on a bench with no intention of using it. Grr!
The reason I have a strong distaste for the socialite is because I treat the gym like a church. It’s a place for me to connect with myself mentally and physically. To relieve me of my stress and worry. And when you take that away from me it unnerves me. Unfortunately, I’m too polite to tell you to bugger off. So, here are two things I’ve learned to avoid being caught up in the socialite’s trap. First, keep your head down. Do not make eye contact at all. If that doesn’t work then try method number two. When the socialite approaches, start your exercise. Even if you aren’t rested. And do extra reps if it’s lingering around, waiting for you to finish. It’s not worth getting caught up in a fifteen-minute conversation.
Don’t be a gym socialite. A lot of people dislike you. You’re actually creating the opposite effect and pushing people away.
Please share strategies you’ve used to counter the socialite.


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