Recently, a reader asked me what tools I use to write. I thought this was a good question as there are a lot of tools out there right now. So, here goes.

My laptop of choice is a MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display. The slate gray version. I like everything about this laptop except the keyboard. I still haven’t gotten used to how flat the keys are.

I write my blog posts using WordPress. But, I don’t use the Jetpack plug-in. Instead, I use the Grammarly extension for Chrome. And I love Grammarly. The various writing style options allow me to pick how strict I want it to be. I like the little things, like when it tells me I’m overusing a word. And it offers a lot of alternatives for choosing a new word. I could write a lot about this tool, but with so many good reviews out there, I’ll stop here. If you want to read more about it, then check out this review at codeinwp.

When I’m writing novels or short stories, I use MS Word. Please, do not rely on MS Word to point out your grammar mistakes. It’s a terrible feature. Turn it off. The spell checking feature is excellent, though. I have to copy my chapters into the online version of Grammarly, however. This is because Grammarly doesn’t integrate with the Mac version of MS Word. Kind of a bummer, but it is what is it.

I use Grammarly for the micro level of my editing. When I want to check my work at the macro level, the readability, then I use the free online tool Hemingway Editor. It has improved my writing in a short amount of time. Go ahead and run this post through it and see what kind of score it gives you.

There’s only one more tool I use. I’m new to it. It’s called Canva. Their tagline is “Empowering the world to design.” And boy does it. It’s a fantastic tool for creating graphics for any social media outlet. I even use it to create my latest book cover. For free!

One final note. Nothing replaces a good editor. A tool can only do so much.

Well, thanks for stopping by.

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