The Dragon Thieves


The creatures of the Wandering Oak Forest are disappearing. Hope's family is among those missing, and the young dragon finds herself alone in the world. Time is running out, and she must rally the unlikeliest band of...

The Frost Giant


The Wandering Oak Forest is frozen! Hope must put a stop to a giant named Skarf and his minions who have turned the forest into a frozen nightmare while she continues her quest to find her missing family. Along the way she...

The Ogre King


Things are not all they appear in the Nuggrumph Forest. Hope is close to saving her family. To this, Hope must help her druid friend Celeste track down the final ingredient required to make a magical amulet that will lead...

Jonathan Austen

Hello, and welcome to my creative madness. I'm a writer, an IT professional, and adventure seeker. Fueled by my passion for people, places, and new experiences, I pour a lot of my personal life into my characters and stories. 

Here, you'll find short stories and random thoughts for your enjoyment. So, check in regularly and discover something new.