You ever feel so lonely everyday feel like a month of Sundays? I do, and most days I don’t feel like gettin’ outta bed because of it. But I always do. Like today. I push my walker through my shoebox-sized...

Little Mafia


Jimmy and I have been friends since the third grade. But if he’s skimmin’ from the daily collections, he leaves me no choice but to… I don’t even want to finish that sentence.  I just hope he’s not. Really, I do. It’s...

Jonathan Austen

Hello, and welcome to my creative madness. I'm a writer, an IT professional, and adventure seeker. Fueled by my passion for people, places, and new experiences, I pour a lot of my personal life into my characters and stories. 

Here, you'll find short stories and random thoughts for your enjoyment. So, check in regularly and discover something new.